Saturday, September 13, 2014

An Open Letter to Game Informer (and these studios that call themselves 'Indie')

I would have loved your article about the mutated definition of the word 'indie’ if I worked for a studio, but I don't. There is an entire community of gamedevs that I am proud to be a part of, that (for the most part) agree this new definition is BS. Indie has nothing to do with graphics, it has nothing to do with aesthetics; it's about community. It's about giving a dev a bit more slack because they are Indie, and you know he/she busted their rump on this game. It's about encouraging one another to be better than we already are and to not give up until our games are finished. We're not Indie because we don't have a studio to publish our game… we're Indie because we would still do this every single day if we never made a dollar. 

These 'studios’, and your article, miss this entirely. Yeah, it was a given that once indie became successful, big money was bound to come spoil it. That doesn't mean you at GI have to be part of the problem too. 

Thanks for distorting the view of our community for young game developers everywhere.