Monday, April 21, 2014

Chop A Tree or Raze A Defense Tower!

Adding interactions went smoother than I had originally thought.  With some quick trigger collision detection and animation controller scripting, you can now right click and tree and the orc will begin chopping it when he arrives.  You can also click the tower and he will begin attacking it.  I will be modeling a hammer in the near future to replace the axe when this happens, so he will be building the tower rather than attacking it.
The Orc can now chop trees and attack the tower

Unfortunately the treasure chest asset does not open, or I would have added that interaction as well.  
My next step will be to begin work on tracking how much wood has been gathered, and removing the tree when it's resources are exhausted.  From there the orc will bring the resources to the blank area where the tower exists now and use the lumber to begin construction.


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