Friday, April 25, 2014

Ludum Dare Has Begun!

My first Ludlum Dare started about 40 minutes ago with the theme 'Beneath the Surface'. In those forty minutes I played around with various ideas, ranging from Atlantis to spelunking to a dungeon crawler.  I wanted to keep things simple, so I considered games from my childhood that I enjoyed playing.  Dig Dug and Qbert came to mind and my idea was born.  My game for Ludum Dare will be a hybrid of these two game in which a character must navigate down the play area as deep as they can dig without getting killed by a falling rock (I may have other disasters like quick-sand and the like if time permits).

My concept drawing for this untitled mining/digging game for Ludum Dare

I'm not going to worry about names at the moment, but it's time to fire up Unity3D and get NGUI imported so I can begin work.

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